Engineering Plans


With manufacture in mind

Here at Rigor we offer a range of design solutions. We can help you with anything from reverse engineering an existing component; supplying you with digital 3D models and technical drawings should you require them, All the way through to our unique service we call "Production Design Review".
Our Production Design Review service is aimed at reviewing the design of machined components that are going to be produced in larger quantities. We look at the design in question and using our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, will provide you with a list of modifications that can be made to make that component easier to manufacture. This will in turn will make it cheaper and faster to produce, saving you and your company time and money.



Rapid turn around with premium quality

At Rigor we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality prototype components for our customers, whilst still managing to maintain rapid turn around times. We understand the tight timescales and pressures design engineers are under in the product development business, and this allows us to provide an unrivalled service. We can keep you up to date with progress on your parts, allowing you to plan your schedule accurately and making sure you are never left in the dark. Using the latest CNC machinery and CAM software on the market, combined with an array of precision measuring tools, We are able to produce Prototype components that exactly match your 3D models and drawings; picking up the slack where other large prototype solutions fall short. We promise to give you the perfect prototype solution for machined parts where precision and accuracy is crutial.



Intelligent efficiency

Batch production is very close to our hearts here at Rigor, we get a real sense of accomplishment from machining your components in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. With the latest CAM packages and machine tools, combined with intelligent work holding and fixturing, we constantly strive to reduce run times and maximise quality. We use a range of modern machining techniques such as Trochoidal stock removal, 3D surface machining, and 3D deburring, along side more traditional machining methods and the latest tooling to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. During and after the machining process components are checked with the highest quality precision measuring equipment to ensure total compliance before dispatch.

We also work with plating companies; be it one of your choice or one from our list of reputable subcontractors, to provide a range of surface treatments and finishes. These Include but are not limited to: Anodising, Zinc, Nickle and Chrome plating, Chromate conversions and Polishing.

We are committed to providing premium quality machined components and services at competitive prices, delivered on time, every time. If you would like more information or require a quote, please contact us by following the link below.